About the Authors


Cathleen Johnson

Cathleen Johnson is an experimental economist. She is currently teaching in the Philosophy, Politics, Economics and Law program at the University of Arizona. Her professional work has evolved into three main areas: Research in behavioral aspects of investment and social norms, implementation of large research projects and research teams, and teaching economics through the use of laboratory experiments. She received her Ph.D. in economics from Virginia Tech (2000). For her PhD, she combined work from the areas of game theory and graph theory to develop models of social networks, norms and social capital. Her experimental work focuses on applications of network theory to models of network formation and in-depth work on time preferences, risk aversion and interaction and exchange and literacy.

She has designed and implemented several large-scale, innovative field studies that examined individual investment in post-secondary education in Canada. This work has lead her to develop more specific experimental instruments for measuring inter-temporal and risk preferences, developing state of the art adaptive and graphical techniques. She also used lab-in-the-field experimental methods to measure inter-personal preferences, and time and risk preferences among Houston high school students and Mexican villagers.

She has developed a large body of experimental protocols for teaching economic concepts to various audiences from her years of teaching economics at the university level, designing experiments for policy makers, and running the Office of Economic Education at the University of Arizona,   She also serves on the board of Arizona’s Council for Economic Education.

She has published in several economic journals including Games and Economic Behavior, Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, and Journal Economic Behavior and Organization. See her publications and citations here.


Robert Lusch

Robert F. Lusch (1949-2017)

Robert F. Lusch was Professor of Marketing, Pamela and James Muzzy Chair in Entrepreneurship, and Executive Director of the McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Arizona. He formerly served as Dean of the College of Business Administration at the University of Oklahoma and at the M.J. Neely School of Business at Texas Christian University.  Professor Lusch was an active scholar in the field of marketing strategy, services marketing, and marketing theory. He is a past editor of the oldest scholarly journal in marketing, the Journal of Marketing. He authored or coauthored 20 books and over 150 articles. His most recewnt research focused on service-dominant logic and service ecosystems. Cambridge University Press recently published his book (with Vargo), Service-Dominant Logic: Premises, Prospects and Promises, in 2014.  Cengage Learning published in 2014 the 8th edition of Retailing (with Dunne and Carver).  

He advised and consulted with  Adolph CoorsArvest BankCotter & Company, Household Finance, Ford Motor CompanyFleming Companies, National Association of Wholesalers, National Retail Hardware Association, Retail Floor Covering Institute, TG&YTrue Value, and Winn’s Stores. The National Retail Hardware Association awarded him the Hardware Industry Service Award (1976). The National Association of Accountants awarded him the Lybrand’s Bronze Medal for contributions to accounting literature (1979). The Academy of Marketing Science awarded him in 1997 its Distinguished Marketing Educator Award, and the American Marketing Association has twice (1997 and 2005) presented him the Harold Maynard Award for contributions to marketing theory, and he is also the recipient of the AMA Louis Stern Award for contributions to the Marketing Channels' literature (2002). The Marketing Management Association has honored him with the Creative Career Contributions in Marketing award (2006). In 2009 the AMA awarded him its IOSIG Lifetime Achievement Award, and in 2010 he was the recipient of the AMA/Sheth Foundation Award for long-standing contributions to marketing literature. In February 2013 Lusch was presented the AMA/Irwin/McGraw-Hill Distinguished Marketing Educator Award.

See his publications here


david schmidtz

David Schmidtz

David Schmidtz is currently serving as Kendrick Professor of Philosophy (College of Social and Behavioral Sciences), Eller Chair of Service-Dominant Logic (College of Management). After graduating from Arizona in 1988, he spent the next three years at Yale as Assistant Professor, then three more as Associate Professor. Since then, he enjoyed three semesters at Bowling Green in Philosophy and the Social Philosophy and Policy Center, a semester as Visiting Professor at McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University, and a semester teaching first year property at Florida State College of Law. He was named Phi Beta Kappa National Scholar in 2014.  He was the founding Director of the Arizona Center for Philosophy of Freedom and the founding Head of the Department of Political Economy and Moral Science at the University of Arizona. In political philosophy, Philosophical Gourmet ranks U of A as the #1 department in the world.

Schmidtz also is editor-in-chief of the Cambridge Press journal Social Philosophy and Policy. He has published articles in many journals, including the Journal of Philosophy, Ethics, and Political Theory along with reviews in journals such as Philosophical Review, Canadian Journal of Philosophy, and Mind. Over ninety of his essays have been reprinted, including Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Turkish, Italian, Romanian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Hebrew, and German translations. Thirteen of his essays (one previously unpublished, on Peter Singer's approach to moral theory) were published by Oxford Press as Person, Polis, Planet in 2008. A Brief History of Liberty (Wiley-Blackwell), with co-author Jason Brennan appeared in 2010. He is now working on Markets In Education (Oxford) with Harry Brighouse.

See his publications here.